Monday, 15 October 2012

Walking Dead Season 3 Premiere What a start!

     So last night was the premiere of The Walking Dead season 3! It takes place several months after the events of season 2 - Rick and the gang were forced to leave the zombie overrun farm and in the process Andrea was separated from the group.

     It looks like the group has miraculously survived winter, and have become a more cohesive group. This was especially evident in the opening moments - they work together as one without any communication necessary, it was freaking awesome to see such fluid and coordinated movement instead of constant bickering and hesitation. 

     Rick - the now pretty undisputed leader has become a bit distant and dark now. He's missing that spark of hope he used to have and now he's just concentrated purely on making it day to day and making the hard decisions. 
     Carl - Rick and Lori's son, completely surprised me. He's no longer that whiny annoying kid that I hated at the end of season 2, he's grown up - which is a bid disheartening considering he's only 13, but in this post zombie apocalypse world you grow up fast. 

     Lori - is still as annoying as ever, she's trying to be the voice of reason and the go between and you can just feel the tension in her family. Heavily pregnant now, she's voicing some concerns that I hadn't even thought about and boy are they ever scary. 

     Glen and Maggie still manage to be adorable even in such a desolate time. In fact a lot of inter-group relationships seem to be hinted at, and I can only imagine how awkward things might get later on. 

     We're finally introduced to Andrea's mysterious savior, Michonne and although quiet she's impressively deadly with a katana, I really can't wait to see more of her! 

     It's shaping up to be one amazing season - especially the ending. Huge cliffhanger! Gah, I'm already counting down the days until next week!

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