Review Policies and Rating System

Review Policy
I'm right in the middle of Finals Crunch at the moment and facing a major review/reading backlog. So I'm currently NOT ACCEPTING review requests UNLESS I've worked with you before. However, feel free to pitch them and they'll accumulate in my Review Requests folder for further review when I'm less buried in homework. If I'm interested I'll definitely respond with a mail.

If you'd like your book reviewed the best way to reach me is via email at

I prefer to read YA and Adult in the following genres:

  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance
  • Horror
  • Mystery
  • Some Contemporary
I accept the following formats: eBooks and physical copies.

I do NOT generally accept the following book topics: religious, anthologies, and instructional.

When emailing me please include:
  • Your Name - introduce yourself, I'd really like to know who you are !
  • The Title of your Book
  • A Brief Synopsis of your book 
  • Your website, or twitter/facebook handles 
  • When you'd like to see the review done by
  • If you'd like to be interviewed, or featured on the blog in any way in conjunction with the review

My reviews usually follow the format: 
  • Book Cover
  • Title of Book and Name of Author
  • Publication information
  • Summary that is included on the book
  • My honest review: I usually discuss the cover, the overall story and the specific characters
  • My Tea Cup Rating

Rating System

- One Cold Cup of Tea - I didn't like this book at all and I probably didn't finish it

- Two Tepid Cups of Tea - I strongly disliked this book, but there were some redeeming qualities to it.

- Three Drinkable Cups of Tea - It was an okay read, there were ups and downs, I generally enjoyed it but I'm feeling just very "meh" about it. 

- Four Hot Cups of Tea - It was really good! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It kept my attention and I was entertained.

- Five STEAMING Hot Cups of Tea - It was AMAZING! I laughed, I cried, I didn't see the twists coming and I kept thinking about it long after it was done. I will probably buy copies of this to distribute to everyone I know!! 

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