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Review & Giveaway: Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

Author: Angela McCallister
Publication Date: May 20, 2013
Publisher: Entangled: Covet
Pages: 240
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Source: Provided by the publisher for an honest review
Book Description:

After her ex-husband’s obsession with vampires, Valerie Craig is on a mission to stop transformations. Of all vampires, Kade Rollins is the worst of the worst, but when multiple murders plague Seattle, Val is forced to enlist his aid. Kade’s crude wit and seductive nature attract her like no other, but she can’t ignore his violence toward his human servants, no matter her yearning to forget.

She’s torn when she learns Kade may be behind the murders. Val's worked hard to protect humans from vampires, but the truth surrounding the murders could ignite a bloody battle between their races, one humans are sure to lose. Someone is pulling strings to build a vampire army and spark the war—setting Kade up to kick it off. But if she trusts the vampire prince, she risks her job, her integrity, and her heart if he betrays her as all the men in her life have.

TWO Giveaways at the bottom!!!

     In a new take on a popular legend, McCallister takes us on a thrilling fan-yourself ride into the not so secret world of human to vampire transformations. Set in urban Seattle, we meet the ferociously bull headed Valerie Craig - who has made it her life mission to stop transformations with extreme prejudice. From a dark underground of uneasy politics, sex and blood - a body count starts rising making it seem like Valerie has all the proof she needs to shut down vampires for good....that is until she meets one that turns her whole world upside down. 

     The character of Valerie (Val) is (to be blunt) a glorified pencil pusher for the VLO (Vampire Liaison Organization - I'm guessing here because I don't think it ever fully states what it is). Her character is a bit insular and scarred - especially in regards to men. Her ex husband Will plays a pivotal role in this - his obsession with Vampires is what ultimately drives a wedge between them and puts her a very narrow minded political rampage against vampires. Her character wasn't particularly deep or worldly, but I think that's part of the beauty of sticking this young innocent but spunky girl into the mix with a very foul mouthed ancient vampire prince...

     Kade Rollins is your typical want for nothing Vampire royalty. He's got that gruff sandpaper attitude with a swear word coming out of his mouth a mile a minute. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants it and you'll do it with a smile, on your knees and a 'yes sir'! But when he meets Val who butts heads with him and challenges him at every turn - his own hate for humans gets a little blurred. While Kade may follow the classic bad boy who you'll love to hate and hate to love recipe, he had a really surprising and intense backstory with a hidden agenda that made him much more than just another pretty face.

     The secondary characters for me took the cake. Especially Ezra, who was charming, funny and intriguing all at once. I'd seriously like to get to know him a bit more intimately...

     I had just finished watching the last season of Spartacus (the Starz tv series), so when terms like Dominus and Domina started popping up I got REALLY excited. McCallister uses a very Roman-esque caste system to structure her vampire world and I LOVED it. You get that old world feeling of aristocracy and pomp, which fits in perfectly with the vampires we meet. 

     I will admit that there's a bit of a case of insta-love here (everything happens in about a week). But it starts with an intense physical attraction that's often hard to deny (even in reality), and Val and Kade's interactions do show a lot of potential for the future. 

Overall: 4/5 Hot Cups of Tea!
Bad Mouth has elements of a CSI murder mystery crossed with True Blood vampire/human politics. Fans of these will definitely love Bad MouthPlus at 240 pages, filled to the brim with violence, blood and panty ripping action it's hard not to be entertained.


Angela McCallister is a US Navy Sailor and author of Paranormal Romance repped by the fabulous Nalini Akolekar. Spoiled by the gorgeous weather of Southern California, she spends her days reading and writing whenever she's lucky enough to be away from work. In fact, she's never to be found without a book hidden somewhere on her person. Over the past two years, her writing has finaled in multiple RWA writing competitions, and her debut Paranormal Romance, BAD MOUTH, won MERWA's 2012 Everything But The Kitchen Sink Competition.

Find her on:

Twitter | Facebook | Website

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Thursday 2 May 2013

Endure Cover Reveal

It's been a crazy month and I haven't gotten to the blog until late late today. Better late than never!

Available June 5th 

YA Urban Fantasy
Final book in The Protector Series

Wrapped in darkness and woven with defeat, every action Chase has taken since being exiled from the Circle has been met with a devastating response. Now heÕs been burdened with a quest that seems impossible, and he needs to evolve into something moreÑsomething greater than he ever thought he could be.

Armed with magic, friendship, and an unbreakable will, Chase must build an army and find a weapon capable of defeating the ultimate evil. But he knows that nothing great comes without sacrifice. Blessed by the very gods who have abandoned him and carrying the fate of all the worlds on his shoulders, Chase Williams is about find out just how much one man can endure.

What do you guys think of the cover? I LOVE it and cannot wait to see the epic conclusion of Endure!

 Book 1 - Exiled is FREE!

About the author:

M.R. Merrick is a Canadian writer, and author of Exiled, the first installment in The Protector Series. Having never traveled, he adventures to far off lands through his imagination and in between cups of coffee. As a music lover and proud breakfast enthusiast, he's usually found at the computer, between a pair of headphones and in front of a large bowl of cereal.

Thursday 25 April 2013

Tea and Text's Guide to Surviving the Calgary Comic Expo Part 3

Survival Guide Part 3: Calgary Comic Expo 2013

Part 1 on the Where/What/When can be found: HERE

Part 2 on Convention Etiquette can be found: HERE

This time I'll be covering the all important:

What to Bring: 

  • TICKETS/BADGE - you can't get in without them. Tickets will be exchanged for a badge and wristband that you must keep on you at ALL TIMES. These are NON TRANSFERABLE after you redeem the ticket - so don't go trying to pass them off to someone else because I'm pretty sure that wristband is going to have to be on your wrist all weekend - you know the kind you have to cut off?

  • COMFY SHOES - I cannot stress this one enough. Dr. Scholl's that bitch because you will be on your feet 90% of the time waiting in lines, running from panel to panel and chasing down the best price for that rare N64 game.
    • If you HAVE TO wear high heels as a part of your costume, bring some flats tucked into your bag or something. Your feet will thank you. Last year there was a smokin' hot Wonder Woman in these uber sexy leather stiletto boots with 4 inch heels on Friday, come Sunday she was in flats with a tensor bandage on her ankle (ouch!). 

  • CASH - (Canadian Dollars for those coming from abroad) most vendors deal exclusively in cash. The Autographs/Photo ops are done ONLY IN CASH. So make sure you bring enough, it's a terrible feeling to get to the front of the line for that Peter Dinklage autograph just to find out you're short $10. If you run out, there are ATM machines (they charge a fee) or if you're lucky enough to bank with BMO there's a BMO ATM right outside of the BMO center - this one is also relatively empty compared to the ones inside.
  • A Backpack - if this is your first time and you think bringing a backpack is weird (I did), I now assure you it's not. It's a complete lifesaver. You can stuff your purchases in here, carry food, spare batteries or your very tired child (kidding..).
  • A Hard Cover Folder - Just something to store your autographs/photos in so that they don't get lost or crushed in your bag.
  • Camera - seeing everything will completely overwhelm you and odds are you won't remember every awesome detail. So capture the moment where you saw a great costume or actors at a panel. Bring plenty of empty SD cards and charge your battery (or bring spares) each day! Just follow the picture taking etiquette rules I laid out HERE.
  • Water Bottle/Drinks - you'll be walking around all day and squeeing at nerdy things, you'll need a drink. Juice boxes are handy for a quick sugar boost, there's fountains around the outside of the Corral that you can fill your bottle. There are places to purchase drinks but the lines are extremely long and just a bottle of water is insanely expensive (upwards of $4). 
  • Snacks and or Food - in all the excitement of running around time flies and before you know it you've missed lunch. Pack some easy snacks like granola bars, dried fruit, or the all time favorite beef jerky! There is concession stands that you have to wait in line for some really small, greasy and questionable but expensive pizza and the like. The next day we just grabbed a sub from Subway for lunch later, or you could pack some sandwiches or if you're brave you can head out and try some of the restaurants around the Stampede Park.  
  • Hand Sanitizer - you'll probably be touching a lot of stuff other people have handled, there's lots of people grouped together and maybe even shaking hands with your favorite celebrity. So please reduce the odds of catching a "Convention Cold" by slathering a bit of alcohol based hand sanitizer once in awhile. Last year the mini swag bag they handed out at the door came with a little bottle so that was super handy. 
  • A Fully Charged Cell/Smartphone - if you're in a group a cell will be a life saver when you get separated in the hordes of people moving from one location to another when panels get out. Just resist playing games on it, if it dies and you get separated at the end of the day and you can't remember your buddy's number and he's your ride home - it's going to be havoc trying to find them. That being leads me to the next item.
  • Portable Gaming System (optional) - to pass the time while waiting in lines.
  • Notebook/Pens - for impromptu notes or autographs, or to doodle on while you wait. Bring a Gold or Silver Metallic craft pen - These can write on virtually any surface, and they'll show up against a black background. Most autograph tables have something like this - but better safe than sorry. 
Plan Your Weekend:

You only have 3 days to get this all in and it can be overwhelming.

Realistically you might not get to see everything you want to, or certain things will conflict with each other. So decide right now - before you even get there what you want to do and who you want to see and what sacrifices you're willing to make. 

First: Check THIS SCHEDULE out for all the panels and activities.
  • All cell phones these days have a calendar/scheduling function - USE IT
  • plan out what panels or activities you want to see - write down the time and location!!
  • Do you want to do a photo op? - these are scheduled (Schedule HERE
If you need some planning ideas below is my tentative schedule.


I use opening day to shop, orient myself to the environment because:
  • A lot of celebrities will not arrive until late in the afternoon, or until later in the weekend. BUT this is a great time to walk around the autograph area to find out where they'll be stationed, the autograph price is usually posted as well as a time schedule of when they'll be there - so take note of these. But if the celebrity I want happens to be there that day you can get it now.
    • There are also a few celebrities who use "Autograph" passes that you may have to buy in advance. This is a great day to do that. Last year you needed one of these for Stan Lee's autograph.
    • It's generally one item per one autograph fee. So if you have more than one item you'd like to get signed you may need to pay an additional fee (One guy last year had a set of Avenger guitars and he had to pay for each one to be signed by Stan Lee)
  • If you came to the expo with something you wanted to buy specifically in mind - GET IT THIS DAY. Because it might not be there tomorrow - like the Camilla d'Errico canvas prints that sold out in less than a half hour into the start of the expo last year.
  • If you've never been to the BMO center and surrounding buildings - this is a good time to find out the location of the panels you're interested in or the location of your photo ops (so you don't waste time the next day trying to find the place).
  • Panels/autographs/photo ops
  • This is the day usually reserved for the most popular panels such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones - so I kind of camp out in the Corral almost all day...
Any suggestions or tips feel free to add them in the comments!

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Tea And Text's Guide to Surviving the Calgary Comic Expo Part 2

Survival Guide Part 2: Calgary Comic Expo 2013

You can find Part 1 of the Survival Guide HERE and it covers the Logistics such as tickets and how to get there.

Next Up:

This isn't completely about saying your pleases and thank you's because you should be doing those anyways. This is more about where/when/who can you take photos of, the absolutely inexcusable line jumps and such.

First up:


You're going to see an amazing bunch of stuff and you'll want to memorialize it all in photos - but have some decency.

Cosplayers: They're dressing up to be seen and to show off their fandom, but that doesn't necessarily mean they want a less than flattering photo immortalized on the internet. 

  • ALWAYS ASK PERMISSION - while one can argue that "oh they're in a public place I can take photos of them" see the explanation above. 
  • If they say no don't argue it or try and take a sneaky photo that is just creepy and you'll probably end up on the outside of a very cool convention if it comes to blows. 
  • Now...there is a bit of a grey area. If they're posing for a horde of other people with their camera's out and flashing then it's likely okay to snap one then, otherwise see bullet point 1. 
Celebrities: There's generally a photo area for photos WITH the celebrity - and you'll pay a hefty fee for it ($25 - >$100). (Photo Op Info HERE). But if you don't want to go that route you can:

  • Take photos during panels but NO FLASH. This is especially horrible in the smaller panel rooms where you'll ruin someone else's attempt at a photo, irritate the crowd and disorient the celebrity. 
  • Another option is if you're getting their autograph you can politely ASK PERMISSION to take a photo of them. Most will say yes - given that you DON'T USE FLASH (get the theme here people? I know a lot of you use the "auto" function on your cameras and it resets itself after you turn it off [I've been kicked out of museums for this], so really try to shift it to the no flash mode and leave it there). 
    • If they don't say yes - don't take it personally or get angry people, just say thanks and move along.


Waiting in line is Hell (if you watch Supernatural you'll remember this). But as a part of conventions it is inevitable especially since the expo SOLD OUT this year!! So 60,000 people have to move around in an orderly fashion. Let's be civil folks.

  • If you're going to a panel in one of the smaller rooms like Boyce theatre or the Palomino rooms you'll want to be at least 15-20 minutes early as the seating is very limited for these rooms and if it fills up - that's all there is. You should be fine to show up on time for events in the Corral - there's plenty of space and screens that project the panel up close for those who can't sit near the stage.
  • People with VIP Passes - get to go to the front of the line NO MATTER WHAT. So if they have a fancy schmancy badge, let them through, they paid for that exclusive access. I saw a few people get really irate when they got cut out of a panel because the only seats left were reserved for VIP's.
  • But on another note: if YOU have a VIP pass but your friends DON'T. That doesn't mean you get to take your friends on a ride with you to the front of the line. Either you go in without your friends, or you wait with them. 
  • Line Jumpers - you know, the people who casually stroll by and slip in where people aren't watching...or their friend is "holding" their spot for a group of 10 people?
    • This is really up to you, I enjoy telling people "HEY BACK OF THE LINE!!" - especially if I've been waiting there the whole time and some guy in front of me is going to let his 5 buddies budge in.
    • But there's always exceptions, so this is really at your own discretion. If it's a guy waiting for his girlfriend or a parent meeting up with their kid - just let it go. 
  • We're all here for the same thing: to have fun celebrating our fandom. So make friends with people in line - you'll be surprised how quickly time passes. However, if a "Which is better Star Trek vs Stargate?" (or what have you) argument comes up....just let it go.
  • Unfortunately in the smaller panel rooms like Boyce theatre you are NOT ALLOWED to stay in the room if you saw one panel and want to see the next one too. They make you leave and by then you end up at the end of a very long line - Unless you have a VIP pass.

  • They don't kick you out for panels happening in the Corral, so you can stay!

So you've got a costume to show off - great! I'd really like to take a closer look at your spear, but if it ends up in my eye there will be hell to pay.

    • common sense people!
  • Long trailing robes/skirts/Wings
    • Know where the ends are at all times, trying to walk down a hallway packed shoulder to shoulder with people is tricky enough without a wardrobe malfunction.
Don't forget your standard "please", "thank you" and "excuse me" and you'll be just fine! The next guide will be on what to bring to survive a day at the expo!

If you have any more etiquette suggestions leave them in the comments below! 

Friday 22 March 2013

Tea and Text's Guide to Surviving the Calgary Comic Expo Part 1

Survival Guide Part 1: Calgary Comic Expo 2013

So last year was my first time EVER going to any kind of conventions or expo. It was an impulse decision literally weeks before the convention was set to start. Needless to say I was excited at the prospect of meeting all these amazingly talented stars and artists but terrified at the same time. So I'm just going to impart what that experience has taught me in hopes that it'll help you plan.

The Logistics:

  • April 26 from 12 pm - 8 pm
  • April 27 from 10 am - 7 pm
  • April 28 from 10 am - 5 pm
Hint: If you're travelling TO Calgary, I recommend arriving a day earlier than when the Expo starts just so you can be rested and refreshed for the day of April 26 instead of being tired and cranky from travel. Same goes for leaving - leave the day after the Expo ends (this mostly goes for if you're driving). This also gives you some time to check out some great shopping, the zoo and if you're driving - the Dinosaur museum at Drumheller. 

  • BMO Center
    20 Roundup Way SE
    Calgary, AB
  • Bring a GPS/Smartphone to map locations that you may want to see around the city. The information for getting to the Stampede Park can be found: HERE
Now to drive or to take public transit?

If you Drive Yourself:
  • You can leave your coat (you really don't need it no matter how cold it is outside, it's SCORCHING HOT inside) or drop off any bags you don't need.
  • There's lots of public parking (check the map below), last year it costed $7 for all day (it's likely gone up this year) per car. 
  • For people in costumes you don't have to worry about getting your wings ripped off in a slamming train door, or being denied transport for plastic (but pointy) weapons.
  • BUT: 
    • You need to get there early to get a parking spot, it fills up FAST
If you take Public Transit:
  • You don't need to worry about parking or the extra costs associated
  • To plan your trip try: HERE
  • Save the environment! 

  • The BMO center houses all the exhibitors/vendors/autograph area/photo ops and the Palomino Halls A-E where some panels will be held
  • The Boyce Theatre and Stampede Corral is where a lot of the big panels will be held


First thing's first if you're planning on going (especially if you're travelling to Calgary): GET THE TICKETS EARLY and you're GUARANTEED ENTRY.
Don't make the mistake of waiting until you get there. Last year with the Star Trek reunion people waited until the last minute to get their tickets and they were sorely disappointed when they spent all day waiting in line to buy tickets and then finding out weren't allowed in due to the facility reaching capacity and then some (it got scary dangerous). 

All the information you need to buy your tickets can be found: HERE

Hint: If you can (I missed out by seconds) get a VIP pass (they're sold out now but for future reference). The price may seem steep, but it's worth it to save the hours upon hours of waiting in line because you get to go right to the front, you also get prime panel seating (especially in the Corral, it's where the questions for the celebrities are drawn from) - plus in Boyce theatre there's limited seating and if it's a popular panel there's a cut off for how many people they can fit into the room so you may not get into the panel at all and there's a neat swag bag. 

Where to Stay:
The Calgary Expo website recommends hotels that they're partnered with, this also means that they're a bit higher in the price range ($109-149 CAD) but they're generally closer to the Stampede grounds. All Hotel information they recommend can be found: HERE

Where we stayed last time was the Econolodge Inn & Suites University for about $80-98 a night. It's clean, has free parking, internet is included, comes with a free basic continental breakfast (cereal, breads, coffee etc) and a pool/gym/laundry area. We got a room with a kitchen suite so we got groceries and just cooked for ourselves and it's only about a 15 minute drive from the Stampede grounds with an LRT public transit station right across the street if you want. But basically we just used this room to sleep in and spent minimal time in there so it worked perfectly for us. 

Now that I've got you started on how to get there, check back for Part 2: Convention Etiquette (yes it exists!).

Sunday 10 March 2013

Movie Review: Oz the Great and Powerful

From Con Man to King: Oz the Great and Powerful

Released: March 8, 2013
Director: Sam Raimi
Writers: Mitchell Kapner, David Lindsay-Abaire & L. Frank Baum
Rating: PG
James Franco as Oz
Mila Kunis as Theodora
Rachel Weisz as Evanora
Michelle Williams as Annie/Glinda
Zach Braff as Frank/Finley
Joey King as Girl in Wheelchair/China Girl

Full Cast and Crew HERE

     Oscar Diggs (Oz) is a small time magician in a traveling circus with a penchant for weaving intricate tales with gadgets to seduce and amaze. Oz just wants to make it big like Houdini but while running from one of his schemes gone awry he gets caught up in a twister that transports him to the magical land of Oz where he finds fortune and fame within his grasp. The only catch is he has to defeat the wicked witch and save the land from darkness. An easy task for the Great Wizard of Oz right?


     Having loved The Wizard of Oz as a kid growing up I was a bit hesitant on what the result of a prequel to the classic would be. However, I was completely surprised by how much I enjoyed it and how great of an homage it was to the original! 

     Starting out in the classic small framed black and white resolution the audience gets a glimpse into the clever and slightly sleazy mind of Oz as he prepares for his show. If you recall in The Wizard of Oz, it became very evident that he wasn't a Wizard of the magical kind - but a man that relied on his smarts. It was a great introduction to the character of Oz and his backstory that would lead him to the Emerald City. James Franco with his goofy smile, high cheekbones and perfectly jelled hair pulled off the lies, contraptions and womanizing with a dash of conscience perfectly! He has no shortage of 'magical' skills and in combination with a smooth talking tongue he can sell you anything while leaving a trail of broken hearts behind.

     Mila Kunis as Theodora - is the first witch that Oz meets upon his arrival in the colorful land of Oz. Upon initially meeting her I wasn't too impressed. Mila was doing what she always does - the pretty face full of innocence. Soon Theodora develops a fast and hard attraction to Oz. As soon as that happened this was all I could think of:

     But by halfway through the movie, my initial judgement was completely turned on its head with the evolution of Theodora. Mila was freaking fantastic and maniacal! 

     I loved Rachel Weisz as Evanora - she was equal parts regal and clever; right up there with Michelle Williams as Glinda who was true to her gentle but firm leadership role. 

      Zach Braff was probably my favorite though. Being clever and goofy is his thing, but it was even better with his voice coming from the face of a monkey. 
     The land of Oz is breath taking in its beauty and horror. This has probably been one of the more effective uses of 3D technology that I've seen in awhile. Instead of the 3D being passive with cheap images popping once in awhile it was completely immersive. It had my heart going as we took a thrilling ride over waterfalls and I was full of awe at all the vibrant bugs and birds popping from the screen (a lot of the kids in the theater were trying to catch them). 

     Throughout the movie we watch Oz walking a fine line between what's right and wrong - I was never really sure what he'd do. It's filled with cheesy jokes, magic and a moral story for the kids. But there's definitely some adult innuendo, pop scares, a side plot to tug at the heart strings and nods to the original Wizard of Oz that will entertain and please supervising adults.  

 Overall: 4/5 Hot Cups of Tea!
Disney sure knows how to make a family friendly movie without completely ruining a classic. It's not a complex story, and most adults will know where it's all headed. But it is a visual feast, and will keep the kids entertained. Although you might want to save this for older kids, there were a few scares that had the kids in my theater screaming. This is definitely one worth seeing in theaters and probably owning to watch repeatedly!

Saturday 9 March 2013

Movie Review: Jack the Giant Slayer

Magic Beans Solve All Your Problems: Jack the Giant Slayer

Released: March 1, 2013
Director: Bryan Singer
Writers: Darren Lemke, Christopher McQuarrie
Rating: PG
Eleanor Tomlinson as Isabelle
Ewan McGregor as Elmont
Stanley Tucci as Roderick
Ewen Bremner as Wicke
Ian McShane as King Brahmwell

Full Cast and Crew HERE

     Jack, a simple farmboy sent on an errand ends up in the middle of a plot full of intrigue and desperation when a bag of magic beans ends up in his hands and sends him on a whirlwind adventure up a beanstalk to face creatures that had faded into legend...


     In continuing with the popular theme of re-vamping classic children's tales with a darker twist (like Snow White and the Huntsman or Hansel and Gretel); Jack the Giant Slayer seems to have gotten confused somewhere in its production. It wanted to be that violent movie with giants crushing puny humans left and right, but then it remembered it was originally a children's tale and so they tamed it down. So what we got was an oddly mixed movie stuck in the middle.

     It starts with some background of this world and the legend of the giants. With a slightly religious explanation behind how humans and giants met, this short story reaches a pretty epic conclusion and sets the scene for their descendants as the giants fade back into myth. 

     Jack was equal parts simple farmboy and an all around good guy. He does his best and is stupidly brave. His character is clever and a quick thinker, but I feel like any success he has was driven by sheer dumb luck. 

     Isabelle - the rebellious princess of the realm wants to experience the world and really get to know the people in order to be a "good ruler". In theory it's a great idea and something to commend her for. But in execution it becomes a train wreck. With little to no life skills she becomes a damsel in distress very quickly. 

     Then we've got the valiant loyal knight Elmont, the devious plotting Roderick and his irritating sidekick Wicke. Wicke ended up sticking out most in my mind, purely because his character was that henchman that's constantly hovering over the shoulder and a bumbling idiot that you just want to be quiet already! 

     The actors themselves all did a good job. The characters were pretty standard good guy/bad guy so there wasn't anything new there. I happen to really love Ewan McGregor but that aside he was snarky and perfect as Elmont. The giants were reduced to emaciated brutes that looked like they could have used some vit. C to cure that scurvy. They were the basis for a few cheap booger jokes and some yelling and thrashing. Because it's rated PG, it has to be reasonably family friendly so a lot of the Giant related deaths are off screen, or you just see the blurry fast results of falling great heights. 

     There were so many plot holes and inconsistencies! My boyfriend and I spent the drive home asking each other questions like "What about female giants?" (The original Jack and the Beanstalk story that this move loosely takes from involved the Giant's wife), or what happened to his uncle? Or the nonsensical and awkward size of a certain crown that apparently fits two fingers (why not just make it one finger?!) of a giant, but perfectly on the head of a human. 

     The romance is the classic "oh you saved me, my hero!" kind of love and for a princess that wanted to take charge of her life, she sure didn't mind letting the men lead. 

     So invariably in these medieval fantasy stories everyone speaks in an English accent (it's like everyone Roman does too >.>), but it was for a good reason and apparently the directors were trying to tie to the mythos in original Jack the Giant Killer story - but when it happened it felt so left field that it just takes you out of the magic of the story.

Overall: 3/5 Drinkable Cups of Tea.
It's entertaining, but the 3D aspect really did nothing to add to it (but to fluff up the movie price). The epic battle at the end fell really flat - I never felt like it got to that critical moment where you question if they're going to make it or not before the savior sweeps in. You should definitely wait until it comes out on DVD if you really want to see it.

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