About me

   My name is Ann and currently I am a University student with a passion for biology and classical/eastern archaeology. I also work as a library casual at the Natural Sciences Library on my campus (really it means I do the grunt work, but the books are so worth it) and am an avid tea drinker (it's how I stay awake during classes some days).
   When my nose isn't in a textbook, I love reading plot intriguing books. This year I decided I'd take the 50 Book Pledge by The Savvy Reader and upon discovering a DAVIDsTEA had opened up near me and had a decadent wall of teas that I just HAD to try, I figured why not have a blog to chronicle all of this and share my love of books and tea with others?
   So Tea and Text was born...

   The types of books I read are all over the place, really if it sounds like an interesting story I'll give it a go, but I prefer Adult and YA fiction and especially these genres:

  • Dystopian
  • Science fiction
  • Urban fantasy
  • Historical fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  I can be contacted at tea.and.text@gmail.com or follow me on twitter @TeaAndText.

Now for the legalities...

   The book reviews I do are in no way professional reviews, they're my opinion, honest and an analysis of a book that I try to keep relatively spoiler free. I am also not an expert tea connoisseur - I just like a good cup of tea while reading and will be giving my opinion of what I liked.
   I am in no way compensated in any way for my reviews, nor am I affiliated with DAVIDsTEA's.


  1. Ann,

    Thank you for your kind review. When I read it I was as giddy as a girl on her first date. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    I have a tip for a black tea I really enjoy. I find it at an international deli that carries foods from the Middle East and Eastern Europe. It's called Czar Nikolas II Premium Russian Tea.

  2. i found your blog through marissa meyer's cinder. how cool is that??!
    great blog by the way :D


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