Thursday, 7 February 2013

Tea Time Thursday: Black Tea: Orange Pekoe

Black Tea: Orange Pekoe

Ingredients: Black tea from Sri Lanka and India

     OKAY. I officially have taste buds back after a horrible cold/flu/sinus death. So back to Tea Time!! 

     Orange Pekoe is a complete misnomer. It doesn't actually have any orange flavoring whatsoever so just be forewarned if you're expecting this to taste like a Terry's Chocolate orange or something. It's actually a grading system reserved for the 'finest of black teas'. 

     But in this case....I kind of doubt that. Tea from David's usually has a very noticeable scent when you open the packaging, this one I really didn't get a whiff of anything. No deep earthy smell, nothing. 

     I love my black teas plain - no sugar added. Especially with an orange pekoe which should have a hint of bitterness and a slight earthy sweetness to it. But this one was really nothing special unfortunately. After steeping for the appropriate time and temperature it just wasn't wowing. It was drinkable, but there wasn't much bitterness or a sweet finish. Basically it was hot water with a hint of your basic black tea. 

Overall: 2/5 Tepid Cups of Tea
I'm seriously not going to remember this tea after I finish writing this.

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