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Review & Giveaway: Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

Bad Mouth by Angela McCallister

Author: Angela McCallister
Publication Date: May 20, 2013
Publisher: Entangled: Covet
Pages: 240
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Vampires
Source: Provided by the publisher for an honest review
Book Description:

After her ex-husband’s obsession with vampires, Valerie Craig is on a mission to stop transformations. Of all vampires, Kade Rollins is the worst of the worst, but when multiple murders plague Seattle, Val is forced to enlist his aid. Kade’s crude wit and seductive nature attract her like no other, but she can’t ignore his violence toward his human servants, no matter her yearning to forget.

She’s torn when she learns Kade may be behind the murders. Val's worked hard to protect humans from vampires, but the truth surrounding the murders could ignite a bloody battle between their races, one humans are sure to lose. Someone is pulling strings to build a vampire army and spark the war—setting Kade up to kick it off. But if she trusts the vampire prince, she risks her job, her integrity, and her heart if he betrays her as all the men in her life have.

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     In a new take on a popular legend, McCallister takes us on a thrilling fan-yourself ride into the not so secret world of human to vampire transformations. Set in urban Seattle, we meet the ferociously bull headed Valerie Craig - who has made it her life mission to stop transformations with extreme prejudice. From a dark underground of uneasy politics, sex and blood - a body count starts rising making it seem like Valerie has all the proof she needs to shut down vampires for good....that is until she meets one that turns her whole world upside down. 

     The character of Valerie (Val) is (to be blunt) a glorified pencil pusher for the VLO (Vampire Liaison Organization - I'm guessing here because I don't think it ever fully states what it is). Her character is a bit insular and scarred - especially in regards to men. Her ex husband Will plays a pivotal role in this - his obsession with Vampires is what ultimately drives a wedge between them and puts her a very narrow minded political rampage against vampires. Her character wasn't particularly deep or worldly, but I think that's part of the beauty of sticking this young innocent but spunky girl into the mix with a very foul mouthed ancient vampire prince...

     Kade Rollins is your typical want for nothing Vampire royalty. He's got that gruff sandpaper attitude with a swear word coming out of his mouth a mile a minute. He's used to getting what he wants, when he wants it and you'll do it with a smile, on your knees and a 'yes sir'! But when he meets Val who butts heads with him and challenges him at every turn - his own hate for humans gets a little blurred. While Kade may follow the classic bad boy who you'll love to hate and hate to love recipe, he had a really surprising and intense backstory with a hidden agenda that made him much more than just another pretty face.

     The secondary characters for me took the cake. Especially Ezra, who was charming, funny and intriguing all at once. I'd seriously like to get to know him a bit more intimately...

     I had just finished watching the last season of Spartacus (the Starz tv series), so when terms like Dominus and Domina started popping up I got REALLY excited. McCallister uses a very Roman-esque caste system to structure her vampire world and I LOVED it. You get that old world feeling of aristocracy and pomp, which fits in perfectly with the vampires we meet. 

     I will admit that there's a bit of a case of insta-love here (everything happens in about a week). But it starts with an intense physical attraction that's often hard to deny (even in reality), and Val and Kade's interactions do show a lot of potential for the future. 

Overall: 4/5 Hot Cups of Tea!
Bad Mouth has elements of a CSI murder mystery crossed with True Blood vampire/human politics. Fans of these will definitely love Bad MouthPlus at 240 pages, filled to the brim with violence, blood and panty ripping action it's hard not to be entertained.


Angela McCallister is a US Navy Sailor and author of Paranormal Romance repped by the fabulous Nalini Akolekar. Spoiled by the gorgeous weather of Southern California, she spends her days reading and writing whenever she's lucky enough to be away from work. In fact, she's never to be found without a book hidden somewhere on her person. Over the past two years, her writing has finaled in multiple RWA writing competitions, and her debut Paranormal Romance, BAD MOUTH, won MERWA's 2012 Everything But The Kitchen Sink Competition.

Find her on:

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  1. I'm a BIG tea drinker (I don't drink coffee)...I start my day off every day with a pot of tea with local honey and I'm a librarian. I can't believe that I haven't been to your blog before.

    My favorite paranormal romance? Does Outlander count? I also love P.C. Cast (Goddess of Spring is terrific!) and Sherrilyn Kenyon.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  2. Ann, you rock! I love how much detail you put in your write up. I must keep track of your reviews because I'm always looking for new books (hah, as if my TBR isn't high enough).

    Ok, now I *must* watch Spartacus, lol. My sister has sworn by it from season one (*whispers* I think she's in it for the smexy stuff), but I haven't gotten around to watching, and it sounds like my kind of show!

    Ezra does seem to be a fav of the readers, and I've got my fingers crossed to extend the series to get his story out there. I based his character off of my real-life meeting with Alex Skarsgard so it's no wonder people love him ;)

    Also, incidentally, I have a guest post on Babbling About Books tomorrow that talks about "fast track" love. I did worry a bit that readers might not believe it, but I've been fortunate that, so far, they can feel the relationship develop between Kade and Val. I'm glad it didn't pull you out of the story.

    Thanks again so much for the great review!

  3. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    I love anything by Felicity Heaton, specifically the Her Angel series.
    I also love anything by Annie Nicholas, specifically her Angler series.
    I also also love the Sweet Disgrace series by Cherrie Lynn.
    I could probably go on and on and on!

  4. I love Felicity Heaton's VET series, the Alpha and Omega and Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs, and the Riley Jensen series by Keri Arthur.


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