Thursday, 1 November 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Green Tea: Movie Night

Green Tea: Movie Night
Ingredients: Apple, Sencha-style green tea, popped corn, artificial flavouring.

     You know when you pop a fresh bag of popcorn, or when you walk into the theatre and that instantly recognizable scent of buttery popcorn hits you - that's what you get when you get a whiff of this. When brewed it keeps a light crisp flavour, and it's sweetened with the apple. Although I'm pretty positive that the popcorn doesn't actually do anything but absorb water, and that most of the popcorn taste comes from the artificial flavouring. 

     I'm not the biggest fan of popcorn. It and my teeth just do not get along. But when it's hot and fresh like the first few minutes of this tea it can be a a great treat when lightly steeped. I cannot stress this enough, I left it took long and the fake popcorn taste just overpowered it and because the flavour is so blatantly faked, mixing it with green tea just made it strange. This tea is definitely something that needs to be enjoyed hot, once it got cold I couldn't stand it - it nails the smell and taste of stale week old popcorn right on the head though. 

Overall: 2/5 Cups of Tepid Tea
It was okay for the first few sips, but then the novelty wore off and just got worse as it got colder. I'll give them props for ingenuity but it's definitely not one I want to repeat again.

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