Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Flavoured Black Tea: Read My Lips

Flavoured Black Tea: Read My Lips

Ingredients: Chinese black tea, peppermint, dark chocolate, red lip sprinkles, pink peppercorns, natural and artificial flavouring.

So, I've spent the majority of this week in an insane cleaning/painting/preparing for my sister and nephews visit, after a long work day. As a result, I have gotten ZILCH ZIPPO NATTA done on the blog/reading wise. 
But the one redeeming factor to this week is this tea.
Oh my am I ever in love with this tea! Probably because it combines two of my most favorite flavours (dark chocolate and mint) into a tea! It has the smooth creaminess of chocolate, with the refreshing uplift of the mint. The red lip sprinkles, mostly for aesthetics - also provide the perfect amount of sugar to combat the bitterness of the black tea. The flavour isn’t far off from mint chocolate chip ice cream… it’s so delicious.
But do you know what really goes well with this tea? Chocolate chip cookies!! I was trying this tea, and got snackish - grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and there’s something about the chocolate/brown sugar/mint combination that just made it that much better!!
This is the perfect relax with a book and cookie tea, and I will definitely keep it around.

Overall: 5/5 Steaming HOT cups of tea! 

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