Thursday, 7 June 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Herbal Tisane: Perfect Pear

Perfect Pear
Herbal Tisane: Perfect Pear

Ingredients: Apple, pear, rose blossoms, vanilla beans, natural flavouring.

So the weather for the most part of the weekend was gorgeous! But it was also 26C (78.8F) so that’s way too hot for a hot cup of tea in the afternoon. So I figured I’d dive into some iced tea! DAVIDsTEA came out with some really interesting mixes, and even included some recipes. So I decided I’d try the Perfect Pear Herbal Tisane iced - and with some fizzle.
When I went to pick up this tea, its apparently become quite popular because it was sold out! But good thing there were some pre-packaged bags left. Upon opening this, you get a wonderful fruity waft and you can see the dried giant chunks of fruit that make up this tea.

To make the Perfect Pear Fizzle cocktail the DAVIDsTEA recipe is as follows (serves 4):

You make the Pear Ginger Syrup first:
- 6 Spoons of Perfect Pear Tea
- 1 Cup of Sugar
- 1 Cup of Water
- 2 Slices of FRESH Ginger

While it was simmering
Combine all of these in a pot, and simmer for 7 minutes, or until all the sugar has melted and you get a nice thick brown syrup. Strain it and chill it.
For the Cocktail (per cup):
- 2 basil leaves
- 4 tablespoons (or more) pear ginger syrup
- club soda
- lime
- ice
- optional: a shot of dark spiced rum

Crush/tear (aka muddle) the basil leaves in the bottom.
Then fill the cup with ice, and pour the syrup over the ice (add the rum here if you want), I used Nestlé lime flavoured carbonated water to cut out the middle man and you can garnish with a slice of lime.

The original DAVIDsTEA recipe doesn’t call for alcohol of any kind, but I felt in the mood to experiment and it worked out so well!

The ginger adds a nice spice to the tea while it's simmering, which balances out the sweetness of the fruits and added sugar. Without the alcohol it has a light refreshing but soft fruity taste with a nice floral undertone.

With the rum added it was delicious! The ginger-pear syrup made the alcohol much more subtle. It had an almost bubble gum candy flavour to it.

Overall: 5/5 this case: Ice Cold, refreshing/boozy cups of tea! This is definitely a tea I will go back to again and again especially iced with fizzy water! YUM! It’s definitely a summer staple for me! 

Side note: after mentioning the booze to @DAVIDsTEA on twitter, they also suggested that Gin was a good addition too. 



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