Thursday, 5 July 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Flavoured Black Tea: Organic Root Beer Float

Flavoured Black Tea: Organic Root Beer Float

Ingredients: Organic Black Tea, vanilla, cinnamon, white chocolate, safflower, organic and natural flavouring.



     This is one of those on the fence tea's for me. On one hand, I LOVE root beer, it's amazing, and A&W Root Beer floats are the absolute best. On the other hand Root Beer flavoured tea... it's weird and I know it.

     But when brewing this, they've managed to unmistakably recreate the distinct bitter bite of Root Beer, and combined with the vanilla and white chocolate, you get the creamy hint of ice cream just like a real float!

     Although this definitely isn't a drink that should be enjoyed hot - unless you like warm flat Root Beer, in which case go for it! I ended up chilling the tea, poured it over ice and added some carbonated water - and viola you basically get a bubbly Root Beer float sans ice cream, but still it was delicious!

     This was one of those really weird novelty teas that I had to try, but really isn't something I'd want to repeat again. If I want a Root Beer float, I'll go for the real stuff next time.

Overall: 3/5 Cups of Drinkable Tea.
It really does taste like Root Beer float, but I'm kind of indifferent to it as a tea.

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  1. haha i'm not a tea fan really.. but I think if I were.. I would still stay away from the novelty ones! You brave soul.


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