Thursday, 19 July 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Green Tea: Dragon Pearls

Green Tea: Dragon Pearls
Ingredients: Chinese green tea from Zhejiang Province, Jasmine flavouring.

    In my family, formal dinner is always accompanied with tea. It’s usually Pu’erh or a Jasmine Green Tea in order to aid with digestion. So I’m no stranger to Jasmine flavoured green tea.

The green tea leaves have been individually rolled into a ball to preserve the flavour and when steeped they unfurl, it looks really neat, kind of like those flowering teas. This rolling method is reminiscent of Chinese Gundpowder tea, but when picking this kind of rolled tea its best to pick pearls with a lustre for the best quality - since this one is quite dull I can’t say much for its quality.

It has a great sweet green tea undertone with a more bitter floral flavour, I might have left it to steep too long (but this kind of tea is usually served with the leaves left in the pot) so the Jasmine flavouring got far too strong. It seems like they might have just used a concentrated Jasmine flavouring, as there are no actual Jasmine flowers present. I much prefer the the real flowers, they're pretty and they give the hint of Jasmine without being overpowering.

 Overall: 3/5 Cups of Drinkable tea.
It was okay, but it's not the best Jasmine green tea that I've had.

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