Thursday, 10 May 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Flavoured Maté: Jumpy Monkey!!

Flavoured Maté Tea: Jumpy Monkey

Ingredients: Roasted yerba maté, peaberry coffee bean or flat bean, cocoa nibs, carob, cloves, white chocolate (Sugar, nonfat milk powder, partially hydrogenated palm kernel oil, soy lecithin, monoglycerides, artificial colour, artificial flavour), almonds, red clover, oat straw.

So I’ve been super slacking on tea reviews every since midterms/finals rolled in for me. I had been studying pretty much non-stop and I needed something to keep me awake and alert. So in lieu of coffee I drank Jumpy Monkey, which has a caffeine content higher than usual tea leaves, but lower than coffee so it worked out!
It has a rich nutty taste that goes down smooth with a slight bitter hint at the end. When I was brewing this I had quite a few coffee beans in the scoop, and I got the slight aroma of coffee without the strong coffee taste. The white chocolate included in the tea dissolves when steeping and makes it perfectly sweet, so there’s no need to add sugar.
After a couple of cups I was definitely bouncing off the walls like a monkey, but it kept me up to study and finish projects!
This was a perfect pairing of coffee and tea with all the caffeine you’ll ever need. This has become a staple for finals for me!

Overall: 5/5 Steaming HOT cups of Tea!
 YEEESSS I WILL DRINK IT AGAIN! (I was totally hopped up on Jumpy Monkey while writing this)

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