Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Flavoured White Tea: White Tiger - Organic

Flavoured White Tea: White Tiger - Organic
Ingredients: Organic Bai Mu Dan white tea from China, dried blueberries, cornflowers. Organic and natural flavouring.

This tea has a very low caffeine content and is better suited to be drunk on a porch in a sunny afternoon with a good book.
The basis of this tea is white tea, which has a naturally delicate floral perfume flavour to it and in this tea you can taste a hint of it after you’ve taken a sip.
But it’s the dried blueberries that you smell and prominently taste, and also provides enough sweetness that adding more sugar just made it worse. I love fresh blueberries… dried blueberries… not so much. After drying they take on an overly sweet taste that reminds me of fall, when the leaves are starting to break down a bit and you get that sweet smell in the air. Not that it’s a bad smell. It’s just not one I find that appealing in my tea.
The Blue Cornflower petals in the tea although I don’t think provide too much of an obvious flavour, but they do make for an eye catching display of color.
Since white tea doesn’t get strong and bitter when oversteeped, such color added to the mix works to the advantage of brewing and leaving it in the pot (works best if you have a clear pot).

Overall: 2/5 Tepid Cups of Tea.
The blueberry flavour was overpowering and it wasn’t really appealing to me,so I don’t think I’ll be putting this on my list of keepers. 

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