Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Flavoured Black Tea: Earl Grey


Flavoured Black Tea: Earl Grey
Ingredients: Black tea from Sri Lanka, cornflower petals, natural flavouring (oil of bergamot).

When I opened the tea tin on this one there was definitely a strong rich floral scent that was immediately released. When brewing this I was super careful about the temperature and the time it was steeped (if you steep it too long you get a really acidic and bitter taste). But I ended up getting a perfect dark amber coloured cup!
When I first smelled it after it was steeped, the bergamot oil gives off a slight citrus smell, but it kind of smells medicinal to me so it’s kind of discouraging. When I first tasted it the bergamot oil became flowery, but it was quickly replaced by the more smoky earthy taste of the black tea that I’m used to. I’m pretty sure any flavour the cornflowers may have contributed to the tea was probably overridden by the bergamot oil, so they were mostly for show.

Overall: 3/5 Cups of Drinkable Tea.
Even with my original disdain for the bergamot oil scent, the flavour mixed with the black tea creates a refreshing light tea with a deliciously rich aftertaste. To me this is a sometimes tea. 


  1. Where I live Earl Grey tea with cornflowers is usually marketed as Lady Grey and I have wondered about the use of cornflowers as Earl Grey does already have such a distinctive and dominant flavour, it is a lovely tea though.

    1. Yea the cornflowers do make it a bit more feminine, I can see why it's Lady Grey instead. Thanks for stopping by!


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