Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Black Tea: Organic Buttered Rum


Black Tea: Organic Buttered Rum
Ingredients: Black tea, coconut flakes, vanilla beans, cornflower petals, organic and natural flavouring. 



     With fall quickly approaching I can't think of anything that warms the soul more than rum. Sadly while this tea contains no alcohol (you can always add some....) it still warms you right up!
     The coconut and vanilla blend perfectly for a sweet but slightly nutty flavour. But when mixed with the bitterness from the black tea you get a nice buttery taste. It reminds me of those Danish Butter cookies? If you've ever had them. I have a feeling this tea would go perfect with those cookies!
     While I found sugar wasn't necessary, milk definitely was! It completed the creamy buttery aspect of the tea's namesake. This tea worked best when I just infused it in milk on the stove top and skipped on adding the water. 

Overall: 5/5 Steaming Hot Cups of Tea! 
This will definitely be a staple tea for me. I feel like it'd be perfect to sip while reading Harry Potter (it reminds me of butter beer - but you know less diabetes inducing. 

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  1. This sounds really lovely! I don't drink much flavoured tea, especially as I can only have decaf these days, but I love reading descriptions and can imagine how yummy this one tastes!


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