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Movie Review: The Avengers

Marvel's The Avengers Movie Review!
May 4, 2012
Joss Whedon
Zak Penn and Joss Whedon

Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/ Iron ManChris Evans as Steve Rogers/ Captain AmericaMark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/ The HulkChris Hemsworth as ThorScarlett Johansson as Natasha Romanoff/ Black WidowJeremy Renner as Clint Barton/ HawkeyeTom Hiddleston as LokiSamuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Full Cast 

      Loki in his anger and resentment against Thor and Earth finds an alien race in the depths of space called the "Chitauri" and strikes a deadly deal to get his revenge and rightful throne in exchange for the Tesseract, an alien device of unlimited and unknown power. The only thing standing between Loki and his plan for domination is Nick Fury the leader of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. and his plan to activate the "Avengers Initiative" to bring together a rag tag team of super heroes that'll have to learn to work together with the fate of the world resting in their hands...

      With all the advancements in film and technology, now was definitely the time to pull out all these comic book themed movies. All the special effects and costumes really do justice to the incredible science advanced and slightly magical world that these stories take place in, it brings them to life without making them overly corny. 

      So all the super hero movies released in the past few years: The Incredible Hulk (and Hulk before that *shudder*), Iron Man (1 & 2), Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger have all been culminating to this epic movie that is The Avengers ! 

      If you've never seen the other movies that essentially give a back story to most of the main characters I give you a FOR SHAME look because you may be walking into this story a bit confused on what's going on, but it's so well written that in the end you should be able to piece together the basic super hero story of who's the bad guys, who's the good guys and just sit back and enjoy the action, the laughs, the desperation and the triumphs! 

      Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Firefly) wrote and directed The Avengers and he was by far the most AMAZING choice to take on such a monumental project. He had the perfect blend of Slap Stick Comedy and in your face explosive action that only Joss Whedon can get away with. Seriously, there were some really questionable moments that made you laugh because it was SO out of the moment, but it worked to the character's advantage and even added to the story. 

      The whole cast was in my opinion is perfect together! 

      Robert Downey Jr. is still the snarky - although not so much a play boy anymore but still too smart for his own good- Tony Stark aka Iron Man as he plays one part of the team's brain's with Mark Ruffalo as Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Hulk as the self depreciating and hesitant other half. 

      Chris Evans is the time displaced soldier Steve Rogers aka Captain American who was still so adorkable with his old fashioned ways, but he really shone as he took a surprising but completely natural leadership role. 

      Chris Helmsworth was the regal Asgardian Thor who was primarily there to retrieve his brother Loki, and be a major muscle in the group. He also provided some of the best fight scenes with his naturally brutish nature.

      Scarlet Johansson as the only girl of the group as a master spy Natasha Romanov proved to be a really intriguing character that I thoroughly enjoyed! She was deadly in combat, definitely held her own in a group of men but what really got me was how when I thought I had her figured out, she completely surprised me.

      The only other movie I've seen Jeremy Renner in was S.W.A.T. and he was brilliant there as a psychopathic soldier. From then on it seems he thrived in soldier themed parts. His character goes through some major ups and downs that were so interesting to watch him go through, but when on the team he's methodical and deadly! 

      Tom Hiddleston is so awesome as the petulant Loki and Samuel L. Jackson as always is the stern leader of S.H.I.E.L.D, Nick Fury who served really well to direct the events of the story. He knew he needed to get the team to work together, but he did it in very creative ways.

      Really this was a great movie for adults and kids a like; so go see it!, The ending also left us with a glimpse of the mastermind behind it all (Thanos), and definitely made it wide open for a sequel. Considering how much of a cash cow this one was they'll certainly be doing a sequel, hopefully with Joss Whedon at the helm again.

      Also, stay till the very end of the credits! There was a hilarious 30 second little "inside" joke clip that they slipped in. 

      Also I saw this on George Takei's Facebook page the other day, and it is so true and awesome I thought it was appropriate to add to this review.



  1. *snort* I applaud you for calling Thor the major muscle of the group. Gotta love him for that! :D I totally didn't see the 30 second clip, I thought the Thanos teaser was the last one. Sucks to be me! Anyhow, Joss Whedon is the man. I'm so happy he finally got the long-time coming recognition he rightfully deserves.

    1. Me too! You totally missed out on the little 30 second clip! It was adorkable and has to do with Schwarma lol

  2. Very fun, very creative, and very hilarious superhero flick that delivered on all fronts. Good review Ann. Perfect way to start off the Summer!

    1. Thank's Dan! It definitely was a great movie opener for the summer season, anything after it is going to be hard pressed to top it!


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