Thursday, 2 August 2012

Tea Time Thursday: Black Tea: David's Organic Breakfast

Black Tea: David's Organic Breakfast
Ingredients: Organic black tea from India (Darjeeling), China (Yunnan) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).


      Black tea has just the right amount of caffeine to wake you up in the morning, so a blend of three kinds of black tea is the perfect morning tea. Each type of tea differs in how much oxidation, and what kind of flavoring is added to it in the processing.

     Darjeeling has less oxidation than most teas, so its a bit lighter and a bit more of a floral taste. Yunnan tea is sweet and Ceylon tea has a more citrus taste. 

     All blended together the tea has a unique flavour that changes from sweet to malty as you drink. It's a great companion to a sweet breakfast (there was a lot of jam and honey involved in my breakfast). 

Overall: 3/5 Cups of Drinkable Tea.
To me it's a standard black tea, nothing to really rave about. 

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