Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tea Time Thursday: White Tea: Mango Madness


White Tea: Mango Madness

Ingredients: Apple pieces, white Bai Mu Dan tea, orange peel, pineapple cubes, mango cubes, orange slices, freeze dried tangerine pieces, safflower petals, freeze dried strawberry pieces, marigold blossoms, artificial flavouring.

     This delicious. I'm not sure how much it qualifies for a tea. It's more like a herbal tisane with a hint of tea. Which is what white tea is primarily used for, as a base and enhancer for more fruity teas. When I first opened up this tea all I saw was the copious amounts of fruit included, big huge you-can't-miss-it kind of chunks. It smells heavenly, like you're on a tropical island with a fruity margarita in hand and you're just enjoying the sun and the sounds of the surf. 

     When I first brewed it, my first thought was that it was okay, nothing great about it. But it wasn't until the second cup, when the fruit had a chance to rehydrate and plum back up that I really fell in love with it. I could pick up the sweetness of the fruit, the zest from the orange and tangerine and the floral flavor from the flowers and tea. It came together so perfectly that sugar was definitely not needed. This was equally amazing hot or cold - so no tea went wasted. But the strength in the flavor started tapering off at about the 5th brewing, so it's probably good for one big, long steeped pot of tea. 

     What this tea really reminded me of was Tropical flavoured skittles. One of each color of the tropical rainbow in your mouth at the same time!
Overall: 4/5 Hot Cups of Tea!
It's a delicious afternoon pick me up if you're looking to fulfil your sweet tooth craving!

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